About the Project

What kind of environment would evolve when we mapped out the dreams of a group of people and connections between those dreams? What commonalities would arise?

Dreams is the first step in the Morpheus Project. Morpheus is a collective dream visualizer based on the database of dreams collected from this site. In its final form, we hope the make Morpheus a 3-dimensional environment where viewers can navigate through dreams and read series of related dreams based on the content and origin.

Please be aware that everything you enter will become publicly available. These dreams are still your own, but they will be viewable both through the record section of this site as well as the final Morpheus environment. We respect any desire you may have to remain anonymous but should you choose not to attach your own name to your dream, please choose a consistent alias for all the dreams that you submit.

We rely on your submissions to make this project possible. Thank you for your support.